Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Who Felt That Earthquake?

Another one. I’ll never get used to them…the rumbling that sometimes sounds like a train is going through your house. That sick feeling I get in my stomach afterwards.  Thanks a lot Mother Earth!

The good news? I don’t feel all of them! The one from this morning was just one of many. Lots of them last night from the same location that thankfully didn’t wake me from my sleep.

And this brings up an interesting point in social media. I’m not going to see all your posts or tweets no matter how often you’re making rumblings.  

I read a great article a long time ago on that very subject. The recommendation as far as tweeting was up to four times a day for the same tweet!

I was shaken by this declaration.

And pondered it. The statement came from a well-recognized gent in the world of social media. Score one there.

Think about it. Your audience (followers) shifts, like Mother Earth, throughout the day. Some are on in the morning before they go to work; others catch up after a long day at the office, perhaps to unwind. But wait! 

When IS their morning or evening? We’re so global nowadays!
That brings to mind a new follower that DM’d me a “Good Evening” the other day. I shot one back at him a few minutes later however it was a “Good Morning”. We went back and forth with our “out of time zone” greetings for a couple of days. He is in Japan; I’m in California. 

And no, I’m not going to start discussing earthquakes with him. 

Now, about those rumbles. I tweet my blog posts a few times a day now to give opportunity for all my tweeps to see them. Most people aren’t going to sign up for the emails or “follow” your blog so you have play catch! 
Meanwhile, I rarely post my blogs more than once on my Facebook page. What? Are you crazy? No. The fan base is relatively small (around 600) and 

I don’t want to bombard the fans! Once in a while I pull up an “oldie but goodie” to post there and give those older blogs an opportunity to be seen by newer fans.

And Google+? Yeah, yeah, I know. I’ll get to it! You did read my recent blog post about that, didn’t you?

The moral of the story? Go on out there and shake things up a bit and get heard! The Shadows of Knight sure did in 1968 with the tune below. And if you want to rattle my chain stop by and say hi!: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or the website.


Shannon Grissom said...

:O) Shakin it :O) Great tips Gerry!

Jeremy Bates said...

I hear you on tweets. I generally post a tweet twice at the most. General tweets only once.

And while I am on the subject, I absolutely detest the people I follow who have an automatic DM sent to me. I regard it as spam.

Facebook will die and I believe it is on life support as we speak. Too much crap, spam and fake accounts.

Stay safe and hope the only rumble is still between the Jets and the Sharks.


Sue said...

Gerry - Did I feel it?? YOU bet! I'm very close to the epicenter. Knocked things off shelves and plenty of minor mayhem here. And ... do I auto tweet (sometimes if I'm out of town), and I've never auto DM'd. But I do like to shake it up!

Gerry Wendel said...

Awesome regarding the "shake it up" part. Not so awesome about feeling the quake.

Gerry Wendel said...

Jeremy, you can tweet something more than twice. Less than 10% of your followers will see any given tweet...there's just too many flying by! Facebook will survive if they decide to change their attitude and focus more on caring about the users and give some face time to the stockholders as well.
I experiment with auto DM that I can learn best practices for my clients. I've softened towards them a bit but would only recommend using ONE to welcome someone. I unfollow those who repeatedly send DMs...that is waaaay too obnoxious. Get to know me instead!