Saturday, June 23, 2012

Eight Reasons to Like Facebook.

Let’s face it. Mr. Zuckerberg is probably not your cup of tea and you don’t plan on having coffee with him anytime soon. We learned from “The Social Network” that he is ruthless and if you’re in his way, well, step aside.  He does have some admirable characteristics though, including determination, focus, and energy. 

Like him or not, he’s going to be a influencing our lives for a long time. And who knows? Maybe marriage will make him nice. After all, the new Mrs. certainly sees something there; do you think she calls him Marky?
Oh wait! This is going to be a POSITIVE article. No name calling or negativity here. Now, what has Mr. Zuckerberg done for us, besides allow us to be a 900 million plus people that use his services for free? 

Here’s a few:

  • Allowed small businesses to flourish by giving them exposure. Some small businesses wouldn't even be on the map if it weren’t for Facebook (including one of mine). It’s a free launching pad IF used correctly.
  • Given us an easy way to communicate. Do you still use email or do you tend to use private message or just simply share on your wall?
  • It’s opened up our world to new relationships. Exposure! And just think, you could be sitting with your laptop in your lap and wearing a bathrobe right now. Who’s gonna know? And that new friend you meet on Facebook today…you may be meeting tomorrow in person!
  • Given us the opportunity to mingle with celebrities while we get to know them. I was tickled when Howard Kaylan of The Turtles responded to a comment I made on a post of his. And he wasn't just saying “Groovy” either.
  • You can even own a piece of Zuckerberg! Purchasing stock is a choice.  
  • Get reacquainted with folks you knew oh so many years ago. For me personally this has been a big like all the way.
  • Send greetings and virtual “gifts” without spending a penny or running to the store!
  • Made it possible to for us to get the latest news and/or current events faster than a speeding bullet. Not only that, but we can interact with people about our take on that information immediately. Go ahead and show distaste or delight! 

Now that’s only eight. Bet you can think of at least ten more. And sure, much of the above applies to other social networks. Maybe they’re more significant, perhaps less significant, or only strong for you and a few others.

The point is that as much as we moan, groan, and complain about the Facebook all the time, it’s a part of our lives that we enjoy. After all, if you didn’t like it, would you still be using it? 

The Turtles sang about being "Happy Together" ...we ARE, aren't we?

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