Friday, June 29, 2012

Edit This, Facebook!

Did you notice? Facebook has done it again. Rolled out a feature. Without warning. Don’t worry; your security is not being compromised. It has more to do with your spelling.

Google+ has had an editing feature for your comments forever. Well, not forever, but I’m pretty sure it was there at the beginning. If I’m wrong on that, let me know. So it’s about time Facebook caught up.

Here’s what you do. Let’s say you posted a comment on someone’s post and realized that you spelled a word incorrectly. 

  • Moving your mouse over the top right of your comment will make a pencil icon appear (easy enough).  
  • Clicking on it reveals two options: edit or delete. In this example, we’re editing (so far so good).
  • It’s quite intuitive so just write your new comment and hit enter. If you've changed your mind, hit escape. 

There IS something really nice about this. You can go back hours later and edit something, even after others have posted after you. 

But there is something not so nice as well. This can be found just below the post. Just click on the word “edited” that’s in gray:
And when you click on it, here’s what you see (person’s name removed to protect her privacy). 

Now, why would Facebook leave that there? 

Here’s my advice folks. This is how I’ve been editing, which, unfortunately can only be done prior to any one posting after you. But hey, don’t you notice your errors right away? After you’ve made the comment with the error, copy it, then delete the comment then paste the original comment into a new comment box and correct it. Will your friends get TWO notifications that you’ve posted a comment? Maybe, but so what? Are they going to read it the notification or your actual post?

IF the original comment was removed entirely, I’d REALLY like this new feature. I’d even want it in messaging since that’s where I tend to make the most errors! It especially happens if I’m swyping on the phone and “you” becomes “yoy”; did you even know that was a word?

In honor of corrections, misspellings, and typos, here are some words from the Tom Tom Club:

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Shannon Grissom said...

Great new feature that I might have missed if not for you. Thanks Gerry!

Gerry Wendel said...

You are so welcome Shannon! As I stated, it has it good points and bad points. Your choice as to how you want to play it of course.

Kate said...

It has other drawbacks as well. I've tried to edit things and instead of taking the new post it asks if I'm sure I want to delete it.

@kstaxman said...

The problem with FB actually removing a post has to do with their data base. As it's relational for a site like FB it would mean that the data base would have to resort any and all relationships for that entry. That's just not possible with FB's massive number of posts. Of course FB could hid the posts and it's changes from readers but that has problems too. Anyway it's a good fix not a perfect fix for the problem of mistakes. And it's just for this reason that all my posts are first done in a word processor then pasted into FB. I get a chance to see and correct things before they are saved for posterity.