Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Don’t Just “Like” My Page.

Watch out folks, I’m going to rant a little. Some of you know that I have several pages. When I initially started those pages I didn't start plugging them relentlessly on my personal profile nor did I invite all my friends. I DID invite friends, however, ONLY the ones that I thought would be interested in the subject matter.

Pages aren’t about your friends.

They’re all about the folks who have an interest in what’s being presented to them. The point is to make it so darn interesting to them that they comment on the posts. That’s engagement; it’s key to survival for a page.  And yes, its lots of hard work, so if you’re not ready to put in the time, don’t start a page until you’re ready to commit to it.

I work my butt off coming up with original, interesting articles to please the good fans on one of my pages, MODern Marketing 4 U(ModlandUSA). Don't worry; I enjoy the writing! Very few respond and/or comment. For now; that’s okay. Facebook is not the main source of traffic for my blog readership and may never be. Despite that fact, I continue to work hard to keep my audience on Facebook captivated.

And lately I’ve had a flood of folks from Twitter say “like my page and I’ll like yours.” Truth is I’d rather see you display an actual interest in my page and talk to me than just merely “like” it! Honestly, I felt funny liking a B to B biz recently that offered office management services to landscapers, plumbers, and the like. There’s nothing I need there. Sigh.

But back to the friends. I probably get four or five requests a week to join a page and most of them are concerned with products or services that I’m not interested in. Do you please your friend and like their page or blow them off? There have been a few instances when I’ve felt comfortable enough to write to the page owner to tell them WHY I won’t like it.

Does having me there as a number and not as a participant really add any value?

Personally, I’d rather have fewer fans and a higher engagement “talking about this”. Currently, my Groovy Reflections page is at 36%, ModlandUSA is at 10% and Gizmo and His Groovy Friends is at 12%. These are great numbers since the average is 3 to 4%. Thank you fans!

In closing, I just have one request: Talk to me...on my website, Twitter, Facebook, or Google+! I love to yack. 

The Byrds sang about pages long before Facebook had them:


nancy manning said...

I agree --don't just like us and walk away. We love our engaged "likers". Talk to us!
Hornbeck Design Partners

Tim Armstrong said...

Nice rant! I have to agree with you, I'm careful about pages that I like because I would rather interact than just "like" them and it also has to interest me. Such as this one.

Guy Sharwood said...

Ah but I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now. Well said!

Anonymous said...

Interesting rant. Speaking of promiscuous liking, I have to confess to un-liking groovy reflections not once, but twice. Although the posts (links) were interesting, they flowed like a waterfall down my wall, washing everything else away! - Barry

Kevin Knauss said...

I have been reluctant to promote my page via the FB invite a friend to "like". I have sent some to folks, like you said, have shown interest or have made comments.

I wish the pages I have liked would put out more engaging content. Most never post anything. Consequently, and here is your next rant, the FB feed is flooded with "made for Facebook" pictures extolling the virtues of thinking positive or kittens with cute captions like "Rub my belly, please".

Gerry Wendel said...

Interesting to know that Barry. In regards to the fact that some pages post more often than others, may I suggest that you create lists and use them? That way you can have better control over what you see.

Gerry Wendel said...
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Gerry Wendel said...

Kevin, unfortunately many businesses create pages and have no strategy in place, nor are they professional marketers. Their business suffers as a result. Have them call me and I will fix!

Regarding your other point, I have mentioned the high % of "kitten posts"...

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