Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sometimes, it’s Not about Marketing.

Here I sit, pen in hand. Wait a minute … isn't that a bit old fashioned? Here I sit, hands on keyboard, typing furiously.

Furiously. Yeah, we can all write at the speed of sound now. Is that a good thing? Is it perhaps too fast? Don’t we all need a little breathing room sometimes?

Here’s a little suggestion. I’ve started to get into a comfortable habit with this.

Most days, I take a short break from the pc, go outside and get cozy in a thickly cushioned chaise lounge. With me is a faithful purple Flair for colorful scribing; usage of that particular type of pen is a habit I acquired from my dad. In addition, I have a composition book with a cheerful pattern on the cover plus a smaller bound notebook. The chaise faces away from the sun, allowing shade for my face. I adjust the small pillow and I’m ready to go.

I sit back and close my eyes for just a few moments, letting all the thoughts jumbling in my head sort themselves out a bit.

Picking up the Flair and the composition book, I add on to the never ending list of tasks. Once I add some, I scan through and check off the ones that are completed. A further review yields that some of them have ceased to bear importance. Those get an X.

Sometimes, I start a fresh page with a new date. If that’s the case, I’ll rewrite some of the ones that really DO have to get done at some point. In the original space I’ll put a right arrow, meaning I’ve forwarded them. Included in these lists are both business and personal tasks; why not? They all have to get done anyway. What does this little process do for me? It gives me focus and control over what I’ll be doing and it prevents me from forgetting things!  While this exercise may not sound relaxing, the simple act of doing and the anticipation of purple check marks make it so.

Now, here’s the fun part. Picking up the small notebook, I’ll start jotting down a general outline for a future project or something that needs to be done that needs some initial hashing out. Last week, it was an outline for a project I may be doing for a market research supplier, where I’ll create reporting and analysis on a specific subject. Before even diving into the database and plucking out the numbers, I envision what the finished analysis will contain. I’m passionate about what I do, so fortunately work IS fun to me. However, this exercise for you may consist entirely of recreational thoughts. I can combine the two at times…oooh yes!

This daily dallying in the sun lasts from about a half hour to an hour. It gets me away from the computer, and I do my best not to take my cell phone with me; don’t want to be tempted to take a peek at any social media endeavors during this time.

I may also take a book with me and spend a few moments reading. Right now, I’m working on two: An Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential and Canon Rebel EOS T1 for Dummies. Both are the kind of books you take in small doses.

And now you’re thinking…not fair Gerry, I can’t sit outside in the winter plus I work full time; when I get home it’s not only dark, but cold too.

You CAN still do this. Sit by the fireplace (if you have one), curl up on the couch or a favorite chair and take the time. Or find a quiet room away from everyone else.

And yes, this post isn’t directly about marketing, however, no matter what your profession and the importance of your work taking a break clears the mind and has been proven to increase productivity.

It bears enough relevance for me to suggest it to you.

The first sentence of this post "Here I sit, pen in hand" was inspired by the first line of a song: click here for the song and video.

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Shannon Grissom said...

Pen and paper... ahhhh infinite possibilities!

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