Thursday, December 1, 2011

Why I Won’t Be Friends With You On Facebook.

Got a friend request yesterday. Have no clue who this fellow is, but we had 18 friends in common. Is that a good enough reason to accept the request? Not for me. I thought I’d message this gent and see why he wanted to friend me. That option was not available, but I had a partial view into his profile and the wall had this:

  • Changed profile pic seven times in last two months
  • Posted a link to his blog on someone’s wall in October
  • Posted an article about music teachers on October 19
  • Overhead pics included a young boy, Steve Jobs, himself, and a basketball player

The info page reviewed little except that he has a media company.
Strike One. Nothing happening here. I now noticed that we had 22 friends in common.

Moved on to the website; it boasted many clients and all the stunning social media work they’ve done. I didn’t find a link to a Facebook page. A quick search revealed that this company that helps folks with social media for a living doesn’t HAVE a Facebook page.

Strike Two. Sorry, but if you’re in the social media business, how can you NOT have a Facebook page?

Moved on to Twitter and found an account.  Close to 3,700 following, but only following about 1,300 back. Tweets were okay and made sense, averaging about six a day. Some days had zero tweets. I noticed I was following him. NOW I could contact this fellow. We’re now at 25 people in common.

I sent two direct messages:

Hi Sam*, thx for the FB friend request. I don't connect with people unless I actually know them. 

You are welcome to like my pages on FB...
... and ...nice to meet you! 

Got this reply: No worries!

Then I thought, let me take a look at LinkedIn. He had a few recommendations and his profile could have been filled out a bit more, but I thought, eh, he’s local, I’ll hold out the olive branch.

So I sent another DM:
LinkedIn is groovy is you want to connect there. But I have certain rules for Facebook that work well there.

Got this back:

yeah I totally get it I have changed up my Facebook policy and opened it up a bit more but was same way forever no sweat

My conclusion: Another person who is going to use a personal profile for business and is more interested in people collecting. This is just plain wrong! Get a room; oops I mean, get a page!

Here’s a few reasons why you shouldn’t be conducting business on a personal profile:
No limitation on a business page. Personal profiles cap at 5,000.
Who wants to be “friends” with a personal profile masquerading as a business and possibly let them see all that personal stuff of yours? Not me.
Do the “friends” on your personal profile match who your target audience is? Probably not.
Demographic and usage information is available for your business page; and personal profiles? NO stats. Nothing. Nada.
Business pages have the advantage of advertising on Facebook

As of this writing, we now have 27 people in common. He has not “liked” either of my pages, nor have I received a LinkedIn request. And I haven’t accepted the friend request.

Couldn't find a song on people collection, but click here for one on star collecting.

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* not his real name.

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