Thursday, November 10, 2011

Social Networking: Rock 'em, Sock 'em, Block 'em!

A fellow on Google+ just shared an article with me about a woman having sex with a horse and a pig.  Not sure how he wound up in my circles; maybe his initial posts were a bit more on the subdued side, but he is no longer in my circles.

Do you spend considerable time removing undesirable people from your Twitter, Facebook, and/or Google+ accounts? Sigh. At least we can say thank goodness all the Britney Spears video Twitter accounts are a distant memory now.

The Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots conjured up in my head a few days ago, supplying inspiration for writing about social networks and blocking. Never had that toy, but I’ll apply it here to a process of sorts:

#1 Rock ‘em: Giving someone the opportunity to be included in your life by following, friending, or circling.

#2 Sock ‘em: Sometimes on Twitter I’ll comment to the person before blocking; call it fair warning if you like. “Put some clothes on girl” is one statement I’ve used. Not sure how I wound up following them in the first place! (Step is optional)

#3 Block ‘em: “His block is knocked off!” You didn’t make the grade and here’s why:  A distinct lack of in garment investment, violent and/or vulgar subject matter, avatar shows two people in a compromising position, or foul language.  I won’t block you for standing up for your opinion on pretty much any other subject; just don’t rant on a single subject. Don’t have to agree or disagree with what you say, but I’ll respect it and enjoy reading different viewpoints.

Now, your rules may differ from mine, and that’s okay.

And now it seems that some questionable folks are appearing on Google+ too. The clean, intelligent crispness of Google+ was destined to start deteriorating at some point.

A few weeks ago I was alerted about a guy who was ‘out on the prowl’ on Google+, only circling women while posting pure smut. He was my first block; at the time I hadn’t circled him, nor had he circled me. The intro on his profile reads (yes, in caps): I AM A BUSINESSMAN.I AM INTERESTED IN FRIENDSHIP WITH HOT PERSONS. And occupation? WE MANUFACTURE YARN. Yeah, tall tales! He also claims to be a “graduate in Science”. Uh huh.

This clown now has me in HIS circles, despite my blocking him. Now Google+, why would you even allow this?

Regarding three popular social platforms, here’s the scoop on blocking:
When you block someone on Twitter, you will no longer see any of their tweets; however, they can still see your tweets by searching on you. Tweets are PUBLIC.

Google+ appears to work in a similar way. While you can shut someone out and not see their posts, they can still see your posts if you’re posting publicly. Luckily, on Google+ unlike Twitter, YOU choose how widespread any given post should be, so if you’re posting to a limited audience, they won’t see it.

Facebook works a bit differently. If you block someone, you no longer exist on Facebook to them. Even if you’re posting publicly, you won’t be visible from the blocked profile. However, and apologies for creeping you out, they could create another profile and find you in searches. And again, if you’re posting publicly, they’ll be able to see it all.

In closing, to see the product that inspired this post click here.


Kate @ Sensational Color said...

Love the image of the Rock em' Sock em' robots. Perfect for this topic. Thanks for the clear explanation about who can see what is posted.

i have had creeps share smut, lonely hearts profess their undying love and angry people rant obscenities. I always wonder how these people find me and why they feel the need to pollute my life with this stuff.

Gerry Wendel said...

Yes, had the same with the "creeps"...friend invites on Facebook professing their undying love once seeing a tiny avatar. Guess it's good they CAN'T message with a friend request anymore.

You are not alone. They find us ALL. Thanks for the comment Kate.