Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Repost This! A Rant about Facebook.

If you believe that you have a right to jump up and down on a pogo stick and declare your rights to hang a giant banner with a photo of your pit bill on it with the caption “he’s a very friendly puppy” repost this.

If you stand up for anything green, including money, repost this.

If you cherish your children, eat lasagna once a week, have thought about climbing Mount Everest and have visited Disneyland more than once, then you are a loving, Italian food admiring, adventurous soul that “loves the mouse”.  Spread the word by reposting this.

Today I'm not going to give you suggestions about how to make your business more successful or enlighten you to the latest changes on any given social network. This one's about you.

So you already know what I’m going to poke fun about. These posts above (uh, I made those examples up) are a Facebook staple. I don’t repost them. Much as I love a few minutes of silliness, I’d really prefer to learn more about you, my friend. I’m pretty you're not the  originator. Kudos to the clever writers! 

If it’s funny enough to get a chuckle out of me, I may click like.

Now, what about all the urgent requests to repost for supporting a cause or two? I admit to reposting just a few of those, but I pretty much stand back from causes as well. I choose not to discuss certain subject matters on a somewhat public level. This doesn’t mean I don’t support the cause; sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. Again, I may click like.

Vision of chain letters come up in my head; surely you remember those? You receive a snail mail and requesting you to put your name at the bottom of the list, include a crisp dollar or two and mail copies out to six people? Did anyone get the pile of greenbacks that the letter actually stated you'd get?

In more recent years, this evolved into emails that promised all manners of good fortune. I admit to doing forwarding a few. At least I didn't have to send money! One day I received one that said I would die if I didn’t forward the message to twenty people in 48 hours. I wrote back a stern email to my friend to cease and desist. The straw on the camel’s back finally broke!

Again, my rant here stems from the lack of gaining insight to what YOU are all about. Don’t need to know your deep dark secrets, but please DO tell me about your love of the color blue, The Rolling Stones, your pet iguana, or how much fun you had walking around New York City last month. Post some pics too!

If your thoughts on this subject differ, I respect them and would love to hear about it.


Shannon Grissom said...

I'm with ya :O)

Anonymous said...

I'm with you here too, they become extremely annoying and I usually ignore them even if I "like". - Tim