Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Right Brain Fever!

The temperature is climbing; it hit 99 here yesterday and felt like a blast from a furnace. The norm is between 57 and 76 for May. Some ice cold root beer could be refreshing, however, I'll opt for water; lots of it!

Some good news: As the temperature climbed, so did the level of creativity! 

It’s in all of us; it’s playful, fun and insightful. You gain insight into yourself and reveal your expressive self when you share that creativity with others.

For us folks that were mainly utilizing the left brain assets for many years there’s a feeling of guilt that pangs up now and again, along the lines of “this is too much fun so it can't possibly be work.


Well, I've got right brain fever. It started last night when I remembered a photo I had taken a few days ago of a Victorian house; actually just the roofline of the house. I turned the camera so that the photo would be angled in an unusual way. Then I thought of the word spired …kind of like inspired. 

Here was the result:

And that was just the warm up. Took a short walk this morning in the warm sunshine just before the temps rose to where you could fry an egg on the concrete! And what did I see? Lots of things: Peaches, gardens, a house being tented for termites, interesting cracks in the sidewalk, and a low wall with flowers growing beneath it. 

I even took some photos of grass, freshly wet from sprinklers doing their daily job. 

And for nearly every photo taken I thought of a use for it! Many will wind up on Facebook; some will wind up on my personal profile, others on Groovy Reflections, and others on ModlandUSA. A portion of them will be on Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest too.

Fever pitch: The possibilities are endless!

It is okay to be creative. Incorporate what you see into your everyday work. Share it; it’s a part of you and a part of how people see you both professionally and personally.

No doubt Southside Johnny had a fever when he sang this tune and Bruce Springsteen might have been feverish when he wrote it (see below)! If you need to have your marketing heated up, stop by our website, or visit us on TwitterFacebook, or Google+  


Shannon Grissom said...

Inspiring post! Taking time for right brained matters helps the left and whole brain run on all cylinders.

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